We are all familiar with the 12 month solar cycle of the year but often ignore the 13 cycle lunar calendar.  Learning to live in harmony with the moon cycles has helped me understand the ups and downs of the world around me.

As the moon approaches the full moon phase, energy grows and provides us with the perfect opportunity to let go of those things that no longer serve us.  The full moon ceremony aids us in making that shift as we hold our intentions to let go of things which hold us back from achieving our highest purpose.  These intentions are released into a fire where they are instantly released.

The full moon shrinks back as the new moon approaches and gives us a chance to cultivate those things we want to bring into our lives.  This is the time to push for new beginnings and bring your intention into the areas of growth in your life.  The new moon ceremony is a time to use our intention to grow those things that bring value to our lives and assist in becoming our true selves.  Again, our intentions for growth and rebirth are put into the fire for instant transformation in our lives.

New moon and full moon ceremonies are held on Saturdays at Nuestra Granja.  Cost is free to attend.  Donations will be put to use toward furthering the development of our goals for Nuestra Granja.  Ceremonies take approximately 1.5-2 hours and are held outdoors, weather permitting.  Take a look at our calendar of events for upcoming moon ceremonies or contact Joni for more information.