About Our Farm

Nuestra Granja (our farm) has been long in the making since my great grandfather, Christopher Porter, acquired the land.  It was passed on to my paternal grandfather, Ronald Porter, where he and my grandmother, Marlene Porter, raised four children.  As my grandmother readied herself for downsizing, my family and I moved into the farmhouse.  We’ve since let go of some of the original acreage of the farm but what remains today is parts of the original farmhouse, a grand pond that was built by my grandfather and the future site of our family’s garden.

Our goal is to provide hands on education opportunities to others as we learn about homesteading ourselves.

Our Values

  • We aim to produce high quality food grown from the best seed varieties we can find
  • We do not use genetically modified (GMO) seeds
  • We produce our own compost out of only organic ingredients
  • When we supplement our compost, we strive to source the best organic compost we can find
  • In addition to some of our favorite garden items, we are committed to growing seed varieties local to our region
  • Our farm is cruelty free and is committed to the safe keeping of all farm animals


The land has withstood generations of change but one thing remains; our family’s desire to live a self-sustained life remote from the troubles of the busy world around us.  Nuestra Granja is a sacred practice of cultivating food and honoring the earth that provides for us.

With Love,

The Turner Family