We Have Transplanted Our Plants!

Time doesn’t wait for me, it keeps on rollin’.


As promised, this post is going to be an update on our germinated seeds.  If you remember the post from March, we were germinating our seeds.  My husband and I knew we were going to be away from the farm for two weeks, basically the last half of April, and as our vacation grew near the seeds grew in height.

I knew I should have transplanted them before we left, they had met every milestone of a plant ready for a bigger container.  Their true leaves were showing and they had reached heights of 4 inches or more.  Regardless of these blaring signals that they were ready, I ran off on our vacation leaving the hard work to my mom.

My mom is amazing, by the way.  She transplanted something like 72 tomato plants while I was gone.  I don’t have any photos from it and she probably wouldn’t want them anyway but I do have photos from last night’s tomatillo transplanting extravaganza.  It took me around an hour to transplant my 18 tomatillo plants.

I tried to transplant my onions, too, since they were looking pretty weak.  I probably spent another hour or so on the onions.  They were small, limp and almost lifeless.  I had to look up “growing onions from seeds” today to see what I could have done differently.  I found a great YouTube video describing the process which was completely different from how I did mine.  She even has great tips on how to spread the seeds and cover them to get a nice, even cover of soil.  I was very impressed with this and might try germinating another batch (who doesn’t love onions anyway).

We will be planting on Memorial Day weekend with help from my dad.  Stay tuned for a Facebook event announcing the first annual planting of our garden!  Anyone and everyone is invited.  There may even be food involved, depending on how it goes.


5 thoughts on “We Have Transplanted Our Plants!

  1. Mine are rather sad looking too. I was thinking of buying sets next year, but maybe I’ll try again using her method.


    1. I am really considering trying again using her method. I think I have plenty of leftover seeds. The problem is I’m running out of space on my indoor rack! The transplanted tomatoes are hogging the whole thing.


      1. Next year I’ll try using her method. This year it will have to be onion sets; I’m running out of time.


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