A Dream

Since the seeds are busy sprouting we have been busy with unpacking. Before we unpack we actually have to help pack what is still here of my grandmother’s, which means we often find things that have been saved for years.

Yesterday my grandma said, “You must not have looked at what you were packing because I found these.” It was a collection of softball memorabilia from my high school days and a few homework assignments from my brother and I for Martin Luther King Day. How appropriate? I was just mentioning to an aunt that my dream for years had been to live on a farm and do what I’m doing. Yesterday I had the chance to relearn the dreams of my 4th grade self (I won 1st place with this by the way).

A Dream

“I have a dream. I have a dream about everyone being loyal, considerate, and thoughtful. I have a dream that one day there will be no robbers nor thieves. A dream that will hopefully make the world peaceful.”

(sounds right on so far!)

“All people have dreams, some people don’t care and are selfish with dreams. Other people like Martin Luther King Jr., do care. Some people dream of flying like birds, others dream of peace and freedom. It’s okay to dream of things like being rich, but better to dream of things like happiness.”

(Apparently I was more enlightened then than I am now)

“If nobody had dreams the world might have slaves that were whipped for no reason. Some dreams require more than hoping. Some dreams will require hard work.”

(It got a little dark for a second there but I think we’re back on track.)

“Everybody has dreams. Some might be weird, helpful, or even greedy. That’s why people have dreams. To help each other.”

written by

Joni Lynn Porter

Ahhhh… how about we all pursue our dreams today? And remember, it’s okay to dream of things like being rich, but better to dream of things like happiness!


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