Planting Seeds with the Moon

I posted on facebook that I would be planting my fancy, shmancy heirloom seeds any day and received quite the backlash from concerned family members regarding the timing.  Although I’m anxious for my garden, I had to explain several times that I was planting them indoors in order to germinate them first.

We purchased a wire rack on castors from to hold our seed trays.  I had no clue how many seed trays I would need, just that I went completely overboard ordering seeds from three different seed company’s sites.  By the time I had checked out three times I had racked up a bill over $200 and had more seeds than I knew what to do with.  It was hard to comprehend how 200 tomato seeds would look in a garden we haven’t even tilled.  Is a row capable of producing 5 plants?  10 plants?  Maybe 30 plants?  All concepts I could not grasp while ordering seeds online.

I was faced with the same dilemma while standing in Tractor Supply looking at seed trays.  Each tray has 72 spaces.  If I have approximately 2,000 seeds, that means I need…… Well I’ll just start with six.

I spent a weekend labeling my trays with practically arbitrary ideas of how much of this and how many of that I would want in the garden, doing my best to visualize how many leaves a kale plant might have.  I quickly filled 6 trays with masking tape labels and realized I’d need about 6 to 9 more trays before I was done.

When finally the time came, I realized if I waited one more weekend I’d be right next to a new moon.  What a perfect time to plant!  So I waited patiently and began to plant.


In just one day the chamomile began to sprout!  In two days I had about five things sprouting and the onions were doing a weird spider web-y thing.  Three days and I had kale a half inch tall.  I can’t believe how exciting it is and fast everything is growing right in the middle of our dining room window!

We are witnessing life right before our eyes.


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