Welcome to Our Farm!

Nuestra Granja (our farm) is centrally located between Coleman, Clare and Mt. Pleasant and is happy to serve the Mid-Michigan area with fresh produce, healing ceremonies and learning opportunities.  Our site is continually being updated with information so please check back often.

Take a look at our spiritual practice for more information about sage cleansing rituals, despachos or new moon ceremonies.

Information about the current growing season can be found on our Garden Homepage (please be patient as it is being developed).

Don’t forget to check out or Blog!  If you are interested in a seat for the Annual Harvest Dinner, please reserve your space quickly as there are limitations to how many can attend.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our site and hope to see you soon at our farm.

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Have a look at what we’re up to!  Visit our blog.

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Annual Harvest Dinner

Join our family for an exclusive harvest dinner catered by Pittsburgh based chef, John Porter.  John proved his culinary skills catering the Porter-Turner wedding in October 2016.  He specializes in using farm fresh ingredients to create one of a kind gourmet meals.

Pit Master, Chris Porter, and Sous Chef, Amanda Basil-Porter, work with John bringing their own specialties to the table.  Chris’s unique wood-fired Santa Maria style grill produces a rustic flavor that can’t be found anywhere else.  Amanda’s delicate and detail-oriented approach truly compliments John’s food and helps to elevate it to the next level.

Tickets will be donation based with a minimum donation recommendation of $45. There is limited space for this first annual harvest dinner so please reserve tickets ahead of time.  The date is TBA but will happen during harvest (August/September).

Join us in this special five course menu as we dine together at the farm!

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We are located at:

Nuestra Granja

7346 N. Shepherd Rd.

Wise Township, MI 48617


If you have questions, comments or would like more information please contact us!